We dig deep and debate intensely – we dedicate ourselves to understand who we’re talking to, where they live and how they think – behavioral influence. This translates to how people shop, choose, feel and fundamentally purchase.

It’s not about us and it’s not about you as a client, it’s about why you exist and what difference this makes in the consumer’s life.

Then we find them, where they prefer to be, and think strategically about when how and with what we are going to engage them.

Things have always been done a little differently around here. From the day we opened our doors in 2007, we were determined to set ourselves apart from traditional agency thinking and, as anyone who’s ever worked with us over the past ten years will attest, traditional is certainly one thing we’re not.

For a start, and quite remarkably for an ad agency, we’re not really interested in ads. We prefer to work with our clients in developing creative business ideas; concepts that don’t just improve brand scores, but get the cash registers ringing too. These can range from apps and social media movements to original media ideas. Like using hamburger buns to communicate messages in braille.

Then there’s our approach to building our network. You might say that opening brand new agencies in countries like Uganda and Zambia staffed with people from those countries, rather than just buying up existing agencies or importing staff is the hard way. You might be right. But it’s our way. And because it’s made by them for them, it ensures that your communication always resonates with your market. Usually in a very powerful way.

We think differently about brands too. We believe that brands are like living, breathing organisms, with their own social and cultural relevance. Relevance which we help create by combining our unique understanding of this continent and people (we’re probably the most-travelled agency in Africa) and the creative flair that comes from a truly diverse but integrated group of creative thinkers.

And when it comes to doing business? Well, we like to think we’re a little different there too. We don’t ask you to take a risk without being prepared to take one too. That’s why we place part of our fee on risk, only to be recouped when you’ve got the results you wanted.