Anyone can adapt a campaign to “Digital”. Anyone can spend money on digital media and get “views”. Very few can hunt the right customer, bait them with the right message, and harvest them for the bottom line. We can, with lean budgets and agile timings. We conceptualise, implement and optimise faster than Facebook changes its features.

We deal in reality

Your business cannot succeed in the modern world if it’s not agile and responsive. It needs to be a living, breathing, thinking organism, constantly responding accurately to real-time conditions. If not, your brand is dying – even if you don’t realise it yet.

Why? The world of marketing has changed. It’s become immeasurably more complex. We now live in the age of the “Empowered Consumer”. They behave differently. They buy differently. They want it all on-demand, using whatever channel or device is most convenient for them at any given time.

This is the “omni-channel” experience – the challenges are new and they’re big

Let’s be blunt: the conditions are harsh. It’s becoming more difficult to make money, hit targets and grow revenue streams.

You need creative thinking to find novel solutions that depart from the traditional ways of thinking about marketing that no longer work.

MetropolitanRepublic has the knowledge, up-to-date insights and big-picture thinking to enable you to thrive in these conditions. We are about living brands – because if you’re not, you cannot grow.

We intimately understand the new “Empowered Consumer”

They are driven by their own ability to try before they buy, return at will, and click their way to new options. This changes how they shop, what they shop for, and how they expect to be treated. They want to feel in control of the customer experience.

Empowered Consumers live on their smartphones. It’s their digital companion: a calendar, a map, a book and a music library, an instant payment tool, a gaming device and their primary communication tool. Perhaps, most importantly – it’s their main product research tool, for price comparisons, consumer reviews and purchases.

In fact, by the time a modern consumer makes first contact to initiate a purchase, 80% of the sales process has already been accomplished, using the various forms of content available across all channels. The modern business needs deeper insight into this part of the customer experience.

Digital transformation is also changing how the Empowered Consumer purchases. Digital is merging with the physical, so the new consumer expects at any time to be able to use any channel in the retail or customer experience process, be that email, WhatsApp, e-commerce, in-store, remote drop-off or mobile. They expect these various channels to merge seamlessly into an on-demand retail customer experience.

Understanding this has given us an edge when it comes to developing multi-faceted marketing strategies and campaigns for our clients, and how to successfully engage with the new Empowered Consumer.

It all comes down to one thing: Customer-Centricity

Walk into MetropolitanRepublic’s offices and you will find our staff openly discussing social and consumer trends, keeping our clients’ campaigns working in current conditions. We embrace agile, real-time marketing, closely monitoring which campaign elements are working or not, continuously assessing and adjusting them – immediately (not in a week’s time).

From pay-off lines to price points, we keep our fingers constantly on the pulse of everything. This helps to transform our clients’ marketing efforts into responsive, real-time campaigns that meet targets, solve challenges and serve strategic aims. Our approach helps to transform our clients into real-time marketing businesses themselves.

We build holistic campaigns that become part of a society’s fabric. Campaigns that drive a change in thinking, and resonate in the hearts and minds of people. Campaigns that further empower consumers. Campaigns that always speak with emotion.

We no longer think in traditional terms of “above the line”, “below the line” and digital. Because these categories don’t exist anymore. We don’t think this way – because the Empowered Consumer doesn’t either. Everything is now one seamless experience, driven by what consumers want, how they want it and when they want it.

This omni-channel customer experience means that consumers are buying at times, and in places we have never imagined. We focus on helping our clients to understand this experience and to tailor their strategies and actions, to place these needs at the forefront of the retail process. It’s all about Customer-Centricity. We help brands build this environment through advertising, marketing, packaging, pricing and much more, using all available channels and technologies.

We put business and creativity together, to come up with the solutions you need in the new customer-driven world.