Discovery Bank

The Future of Banking. Now.

While Discovery Bank, shares the concept of being a bank with the other incumbents of the market, Discovery is anything but a traditional bank. It offers its clients a full digital experience that utilizes the latest technology to streamline processes, bypass traditional limitations and exceed expectations at every touch point. Effectively, Discovery Bank is the future of banking, available right now.

metropolitan republic Discovery Bank body 1


The challenge was to figure out how to showcase Discovery Bank in all its glory in opposition to what is currently on offer from the other, traditional banks.


The complication was our concept. Juxtaposing traditional banking with Discovery Bank, simultaneously in one narrative, while avoiding the pitfall of delivering something expected.

metropolitan republic Discovery Bank body 2


We created a full 360 advertising campaign that played up the differences between traditional banking and Discovery Bank, by juxtaposing the audio and visuals against each other. Beginning with a 90 second TV and digital film, we unpacked the banks value proposition across multiple elements, and juxtaposed them against the current offering from the South African banking industry.

metropolitan republic Discovery Bank body 3