Discovery Bank

We unbanked banking.

As a behavioural brand, Discovery disrupts markets by rewarding healthier behaviours in every aspect of our consumers’ lives.

Discovery wanted to introduce this philosophy into the South African banking sector, ushering in a new way of banking.

Metro discovery bank launch 2


The banking sector in South Africa was already saturated. No one actually needed a new bank. So we created a bank people wanted to be a part of.


A bank like no other. One that focuses on getting people out of debt and not into it. One that rewards them for saving more and spending considerately. A bank that motivates and incentivizes you to become financially healthier.

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So how do you transact with a bank like no other? Using a card like no other. So we created the world’s first vertical card.

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So here’s a question. Why wouldn’t you get on board?

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Metropolitan Republic Discovery Bank Launch
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Metropolitan Republic Discovery Bank Launch
Metropolitan Republic Discovery Bank Launch

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