We got big returns for Mahala.

In 2012, Cell C disrupted the South African mobile prepaid market by dropping their call rate to 99c. MTN needed to react quickly, or lose a significant market share.

Metro Republic MTN Mahala


Cell C’s new rate was over two and half times cheaper than MTN’s standard rate. And, because prepaid customers drive the majority of MTN’s business, they couldn’t drop their rates to compete.


Because the majority of the prepaid customers were on MTN Zone, a variable tariff system with up to 100% discounts, we focussed on delivering value through this channel in an authentic South African way. We used Mahala (a colloquial word meaning ‘free’) and real-life stories to show just how much value MTN brings to your life.

Metro Republic MTN Mahala 2
Metro Republic MTN Mahala 3

Impact of the workpiece