South African Tourism

We Got You Stay Home

The goal was to create a campaign that encouraged and reminded South Africans that whilst we can not travel right now, and if everyone stays at home, we will all be able to travel again soon. 

Metropolitan Republic SAT We Got You Stay Home Challenge


With Covid-19 causing the world and South Africa to close its borders, the message was clear that citizens needed to #stayhome. This was a challenge because as a tourism body, SA Tourism had to thoughtfully curate messaging that unified the nation, and gave South Africans hope.


We created a series of ads that were perfectly timed to be released moments after each briefing the President gave to the nation.

Impact of the workpiece

Each advert addressed a different aspect of what South African society missed and wanted to get back to – Sport, Commerce, Family, etc.  Each ad was more powerful and resonant than the last, culminating in the release of the widely loved Nelson Mandela ad.