we create societal success through brand success

We are living in the Decade of Action.
The deadline has been set.

10 years is all we have to reach the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of ending poverty, improving healthcare and education, reducing inequality and spurring economic growth – all whilst managing the climate crisis.

It is humanity’s highest calling, and it is our belief at Metro that in this endeavor no one African can be left behind.

So, let’s talk about the numbers. Despite accounting for 17% of the global population and having the highest growth rate in the world, we account for 2% of global trade, 3% of global GDP and have a GDP growth rate of less than 5%. Simply put, Africa’s potential remains largely untapped.

We understand this more than most because where some see 2% as limiting, we see 98% as an opportunity.

That being said, the challenges and opportunities on our continent are uniquely African and so demand solutions that are shaped through an African perspective.

This why we aim to partner with organizations that share this calling. Organizations that so deeply in their core acknowledge that their brand success is linked to the success of the societies they operate in.

we believe in no
african being left behind

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Siqalo (Flora)

“It has been refreshing to experience the way Metro has guided the re-positioning of the iconic Flora brand in South Africa. Metro is a uniquely integrated agency that has not wavered on any piece of the brand management continuum and execution.” 

 – Keegan Eichstadt, Marketing Manager


“Metro’s team proved to us not only their passion and understanding of the category of pork but offered deep insights across our complex target markets. They really got under the skin of the category, the consumer, and the brand, and the Eskort team is exceptionally satisfied that the agency has to date delivered the mutual vision of becoming a desired and consumer-relevant brand.”

 – Marcelle Pienaar, Group Marketing Manager


“Time to stop for a second and celebrate the success we have had together! Congrats on getting our 75 second ad done and to the stations. One huge milestone in the bag! Thank you for all it’s taken to get this done. We played the advert to our Bank Exco yesterday and they were extremely complimentary!”

 – Jo-Anne Hendricks, Head of Marketing


“It’s a mammoth task to increase brand equity and love on one of South Africa’s most loved heritage Cold & Flu brands. Partnering with Metro to bring our new Brand Purpose and Izok Solva Campaign to life has really highlighted Metro’s passion and understanding of the South African consumer and how to connect with them on a deep and human level.”

 – Clare Fredericks, Brand Manager


“As the official launch date of our Hero campaign has finally arrived, I’d like to extend a massive thanks to the entire team!! The hard work, passion and dedication does not go unnoticed and a simple THANK YOU is far from adequate!! Here’s to being brave, doing work that gets heads turning and arriving a little differently! I love the road we have taken! Good luck for the next 2 weeks!!” 

-Marcelle Pienaar, Group Marketing Manager

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